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Welcome to Hope Estate

Experience Exclusive Living
Where Coastal Beauty Meets Tranquility

Hope Estate, one of Grenada's largest privately owned estates, formerly an agricultural estate, spans approximately 385 acres of prime coastal real estate along the island's eastern coastline. Boasting breathtaking scenery, it features four stunning white sandy beaches lining its rugged Atlantic coastline. Divided into three sections, the estate offers diverse opportunities:

Hope City Residential Development comprises over 200 acres featuring luxurious homes with modern amenities like concrete roads and street lighting.

Hope Estate Resort Development offers approximately 235 acres of pristine beachfront land, perfect for exclusive resort projects, showcasing the four picturesque beaches.

Hope Estate Agricultural Development provides lease opportunities for farmers and seeks partnerships for large-scale agricultural ventures.

Nestled away from the southern hustle and bustle, Hope Estate offers unparalleled peace and tranquility amidst stunning surroundings. Conveniently located near the rainforest with cascading waterfalls, it is just forty minutes from Maurice Bishop International Airport and ten minutes from Grenville, the island's second-largest town.


Residential Land for Sale

Starting at $14 XCD (EC) per Sq.ft

Explore the current Phase C and D Subdivisions at Hope Estate, offering exclusive undeveloped homesites with breathtaking ocean and coastal views awaiting your dream home. Many lots benefit from a gentle gradient and easy beach access. Landowners enjoy full infrastructure, featuring concrete roads, electricity, and water, ensuring a seamless living experience. Check our map plan to see available lots, with sizes ranging from 10,000 to 16,000 square feet.

Resort Development
Investment Opportunity

Discover our Seaside Paradise

Explore the opportunities offered by our pristine beachfront resort development sites, situated in the eco-friendly haven of Hope Estate. Over 200 acres of prime real estate available for exclusive development, featuring five stunning beachfront sites. Whether you seek high-end virgin land for an outright purchase or envision a joint venture, this is your opportunity to transform dreams into reality at one of the most sought-after coastal destinations.


Land for Agriculture
and Agro-processing

Leasing for Large Scale Projects

Hope Estate offers attractive lease agreements for short crops and livestock farming. We actively seek partnerships for large-scale farming, including crops, aquaponics, poultry, and livestock husbandry. The designated agricultural land provides access to freshwater streams and fertile soil, eligible for organic certification. Historically, Hope Estate was thriving agricultural enterprise producing cocoa, bananas, nutmegs, and coconuts for local and export markets.

Happy Days Villa built by Purple Heart Design and Build

Building Solutions

When considering building your dream home, consulting experienced professionals is crucial. Therefore, we recommend Purple Heart Design and Build Ltd. as a reliable construction partner: a team of trusted experts in design, construction, and engineering, known for their attention to detail.

Steve & Jan Wright


"We built our dream house in Hope because we overlooked the ocean and were very close to the beach. To build here was so much more affordable too!"

Richard & Jenita Nemar-Smith Residents

"Having resided in Hope City for almost 10 years, we are glad we decided on this estate as it has a magnificent variety of residents from returning Grenadians to people from all over the world,  making it a diverse and interesting community. Friendly neighbours and a stunning panorama make Hope City a pleasure to wake up to each morning."

Elo Akin


"Hope City is a tranquil and absolutely gorgeous development in Grenada. If you love to see and hear the sea and want to get away and immerse yourself in nature, then Hope City is for you"

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